Marc Gasol on Coping With Grizzlies Season: ‘I Renew My Vows Every Day’

by February 20, 2018
marc gasol grizzlies season vows

Marc Gasol says he has to “renew my vows every day” as he deals with the most difficult season since his rookie year.

In an interview with Grind City Media’s Michael Wallace, Gasol stressed that “it is a damn job,” and he must stay professional.

How do mentally cope with being out of the playoff race and prepare for the final months?

Gasol: “I kind of renew my vows every day, to be honest. Every morning I get up and renew them and understand there is more to it.

“There are people that believe in us, that support us every night that we come out, that are watching us at home, so many kids that we can still impact and who can fall in love with the game.

“It is a damn job. So nothing that happens outside should be an excuse for not doing your job as a player.”

Marc Gasol: β€˜I Don’t Have a Season to Throw Away’