March Madness!

By Konate Primus

March is finally here! Well, it’s been here for a few days and to some of you that means good college b-ball especially with all those sick a$$ freshmen, but to me March 08 is a pretty big month. For starters, my lovely grandmother, father, and my eldest brother and about five other people I know have birthdays coming up this month. That’s only half of why I care about march so much, it’s the last month of Olympic Qualifiers for us fencers and I didn’t make it but a few of my teammates are in good shape. I see you Keith, Ivan, Zingy and Erin keep on fighting, almost there! Why you should be excited about March is another reason, Jordan has launched it’s full-on blitz to break sneaker-fiends pockets!

First, for all the hoop-stars. CP3’s kicks were released on Saturday and as I was window shopping I noticed a slight commotion over the kicks. It was cool, there was a group of li’l boys probably about 13 or so they were all looking at kicks in Footaction and most of ’em were looking at Dunks and Uptowns (AF1’s). One of them said (while screaming at the top of his lungs) “OOOOH! These are the new Chris Paul Shoes! That’s my dude, I play just like him and that’s why none of ya’ll can hold me! I want these so bad, these sh*ts are dope.” While that brought me to a place I haven’t been in a long time, I didn’t feel the same way as the youngster. Don’t get me wrong, the silhouette is fresh but my beef with the shoe is the colors. I need to see a black on black one. They are really light and look extremely comfortable looks like a good hoop shoe or maybe a shoe to rock in the summer with some shorts but I doubt you’d see me rocking ’em with some jeans!

CP3 $115 available now

Speaking of jeans, also released this weekend is the 23/501 collaboration. I’m sure by now those of you who are into urban fashion heard about Levi’s collaboration with the Jordan Brand, and for those of you who didn’t, Levi’s and Jordan came together on this project to sort of let people know who started the fashion craze we are apart of today. The stiff denim, that’s all Levi’s baby! Remember that guy in ’85 who stepped on the court with red and black kicks during a time when that wasn’t the standard, that was all MJ. It’s only fitting to come out with the originators pack consisting of a limited graphic tee, the first Jordan silhouette and the original hard denim! I’m not going to say much more about this because I don’t know if Webster’s has a word to describe how flyyyy this collaboration is … a dream com true.

Oh yeah there’s only 2,323 sold, so hit up Ebay playa or check Niketown. They might still have em…NOT!

A picture is worth a thousand words so here’s a G.

23/501 package $395

And last but not least, the 2nd count down pack comes out this month. A Package of the black and chrome 17 and carmine 6’s.It’s Not a joke! Jordan is continuing it’s dominance even in the time of the “23 –The last real Jordan alive”

2nd countdown pack $310 March 15th

Carmine 6’s

Black and chrome 17’s