Marcin Gortat Wants to Prove He Can Play Without Steve Nash

by October 15, 2012

Despite Steve Nash’s optimism about his old squad, the Phoenix Suns are still expected to struggle now that he’s gone. Marcin Gortat isn’t worried about Nash’s departure, however. He’s out to prove that he can be an effective player sans the former MVP point guard’s dishes. Per the Valley of the Suns: “According to HoopData, Gortat was assisted on 78.6 percent of his buckets in 2010-11 with the Suns and 79.6 percent last year, making some wonder whether he can repeat his superb 15.4 ppg season on 55.5 percent shooting with Nash no longer around to set him up. ‘Basically, I am going to try and prove that I can play without him,’ Gortat said. ‘There was a lot of talk in the offseason about how I’m going to play and how I’m going to handle the whole situation without him. I believe I’m an experienced player already. I’ve been in the league a few years by now, and I have other point guards. I have Goran Dragic and Kendall Marshall. I have great passers. I’m quite sure I’ll be fine.’ […] ‘This a new team with a lot of new faces,’ Gortat said. ‘Obviously, one of the most important faces is gone — Steve Nash. So it will be a new team. But I’m definitely looking forward to playing without him. I think we have a big chance to make the playoffs, and that’s going to be our main focus.'”