Mark Cuban Can’t Believe Steve Nash is Still Playing in the NBA

by January 24, 2012

According to Mark Cuban, 37-year old Steve Nash’s longevity is a miracle of modern science and dogged personal determination and discipline. Reports the Star-Telegram: “Back in the summer of 2004 when the Mavs were deciding whether to let Nash – then a free agent – go, or resign him, Cuban relied on his medical staff to help him make up his mind. ‘I’ll say it now, if you would have told me Steve would have been playing eight years later I would have bet any amount of money you’d be wrong,’ Cuban said. ‘But some guys do a great job of taking care of their bodies and taking advantage of the new technology that‘s come along. The thing about Steve is his discipline.’ That discipline led Nash to become the NBA’s Most Valuable Player in the first two seasons after the Mavs chose not to re-sign him. ‘I knew he was disciplined, but I thought he would fall apart before it mattered,’ Cuban said. ‘All the advice I got from everybody we had was that he was going to fall apart. He proved us wrong — and more power to him. I give him a lot of credit. He proved me definitely wrong.'”