Mark Cuban Hopes the Los Angeles Lakers ‘Suck’

by October 31, 2012

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban continues to be disdainful towards the rival Los Angeles Lakers, and his wish that they “suck” certainly came true last night. Per the LA Daily News: “I don’t care,’ Cuban said. ‘I just hope they suck.’ […] They’re like any other team,’ Cuban said. ‘Obviously Nash is great. Kobe’s phenomenal. But it takes a team. They have to come together and play as a team. Hopefully they don’t figure it out.’ […] So how does Cuban explain the Lakers’ ability to keep making big moves? He suggested the Lakers’ two consecutive Western Conference semifinals exits indirectly led to such signings. ‘We’ll chalk it up to randomness,’ he said. ‘In order to make those kind of deals, you have to suck for a while. And they did. But it wasn’t a long time. It was only two years.'”