Mark Cuban: Mentor to ‘The Situation’

by October 21, 2010

Cuban gave some advice to the reality TV star, and came away sounding impressed by the dude’s business acumen. From the NY Post: “The ‘Jersey Shore’ star has landed himself a book deal, a workout DVD, a sponsorship with protein-infused Devotion Vodka, and a potential deal to become a part-owner of a gym in the Plaza Hotel. Cuban told us, ‘I wasn’t sure what to expect when he wanted to meet, but he is really into the business side of things. [Sorrentino] had a ton of questions about running his businesses, branding, and how to invest his money.’ But he said they didn’t discuss working together: ‘He doesn’t need a job. He just needs to surround himself with smart people who make sure the deals he does do are good deals. And from what we talked about, it sounds like he has done that.'”