Mark Cuban: No Championship Rings for the Mavs

Mark Cuban has yet to reveal exactly what he’ll do to break away from the tradition of giving everyone in the organization championship rings, but the Mavericks’ owner says it’ll be a game-changer. From SRI (via 105.3 The Fan): “What is this I’m hearing about when you said ‘No championship rings. That’s outdated.’ What’s going on with the backup plan? What’s the Mark Cuban championship plan? ‘It’s not a backup plan. It’s a change the rules plan. It’s just like I’m going to sit down and I had some brief conversations with Dirk [Nowitzki], Jay Kidd, and Jason [Terry]. We want to change the game. What I told them was ‘Look everybody wears short shorts until the Fab Five came along and then everybody went to long shorts. Now short shorts look outdated.’ I said we want to do the same thing when it comes to rings and how we represent or how we record the fact that we won a championship. Part of the fact is that it irks the hell out of me that you got into towns where teams have won a ring or won a championship and you know the ball boys, the towel boys, everybody has got a ring. It kind of deflates the value and the impact, so I don’t know exactly what we are going to do, but we are going to try to change the game.'”