Mark Cuban on Mikhail Prokhorov: ‘He’s a P—-y’

by December 10, 2010

Settle down. Cuban was only kidding prior to the game last night, but he did throw some darts at Prokhorov for not being around the game more often. From the NY Daily News: “If this turns into anything more than playful teasing from one outspoken NBA owner to another, let it be known that Mark Cuban threw the first punch at Mikhail Prokhorov. And he started with a haymaker. ‘He’s a p—y,’ Cuban quipped Thursday when asked about Prokhorov. Cuban, who spoke while on his exercise bike in the Mavericks locker room, lifted his head up to smile, and then continued to verbally jab at the Nets’ new owner. ‘(Prokhorov) doesn’t come to games,’ Cuban said. ‘Who the hell knows?'”