Mark Cuban: Reality TV Show May Have Distracted Lamar Odom

by April 11, 2012

Mark Cuban confirmed that he had a very serious heart-to-heart with Lamar Odom before the forward left the team. The Dallas Mavericks owner did not dismiss the possibility that Odom’s attention was divided between his competing basketball and television careers. From the Star-Telegram: “While Lamar Odom was in Dallas, the Mavericks had to deal with an abundance of cameras in and around the locker room. Those cameras were around to film Odom for the reality TV show — Khloe&Lamar — that he has with his wife, Khloe Kardashian. Asked if all those cameras were a distraction to his players or Odom, Cuban said: ‘To our guys, no. To (Odom), possibly. ‘I do think that if you know you’re on camera all the time, you know you’re on camera all the time.’ And what precisely what does that mean? ‘That means you pay attention to how you’re going to look on camera,’ Cuban said. ‘If you’re high enough visibility, you know there’s a camera on you all the time and that it’s going to show up somewhere, and that can influence your behavior.’ Cuban, though, said he doesn’t regret giving Odom permission to bring in those cameras from the E Network.”