Mark Cuban Says Mavericks Were ‘Wrong’ About Steve Nash in 2004

by October 31, 2012

The Dallas Mavericks braintrust never imagined that Steve Nash would develop into a Hall of Fame point guard, and elected not to re-sign him back in 2004. Whoops, says Mark Cuban. Per the Star-Telegram: “Cuban said when the Mavs decided not to re-sign then free agent point guard Steve Nash in 2004, it was because he thought Nash was physically spent and on the downside of his career. But Nash proceeded to win the NBA’s Most Valuable Player awards in 2005 and ’06 with the Phoenix Suns, and at age 38, he’s in his first season with the Los Angeles Lakers. ‘I just hate being wrong, and we were wrong,’ Cuban said. ‘And (the decision to let Nash go) was all based on what we thought physically would end up happening, and it didn’t work out that way. But I’m happy for Steve. He’s a great guy. He’s done amazing things.’ Cuban stopped short of saying he regrets not re-signing Nash.”