Mark Cuban Thinks All NBA Teams Will Soon Be Worth Over $1 Billion

by January 23, 2014

The latest report on the business of the NBA is out, and Mark Cuban thinks it undervalues his team’s worth. The Dallas Mavericks owner also predicts that in the near future, all teams in the League will be worth more than a billion dollars. Per the Dallas Morning News:

The Mavericks have been valued at $765 million by Forbes magazine, but that’s a low-ball number as far as owner Mark Cuban is concerned.

“They’re way too low,” he said.

So if somebody showed up with $765 million in his pocket and wanted the team he’s owned since 2000, what would Cuban do?

“I’d laugh at them,” he said. “I think we’re worth well over a billion. I think within the next five years, and this is just a guess, if the economy continues to get a little better and sports still stays in demand, every NBA franchise will be worth at least a billion dollars.”