Mark Cuban Upset Jason Kidd Chose Knicks

by August 21, 2012

When the offseason began, Mark Cuban and Mavericks fans alike were hoping they’d have at least one Hall of Fame point guard on the roster for the ’12-13 season. They’ll be heading into the season with none. Deron Williams spurned his hometown team to stay with the Nets for the move to Brooklyn; Jason Kidd left Dallas for the League’s other New York team, the Knicks. Cuban hasn’t forgotten about either strikeout, though it appears Kidd’s leap to Manhattan really stung him. Talking about the offseason on ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM’s “Ben & Skin Show” this morning, the owner famous for speaking his mind did just that: “I was more than upset. I thought he was coming. I was pissed,’ Cuban said. ‘J-Kidd is a big boy; he can do whatever he wants. But you don’t change your mind like that. That was … yeah. I’m sure I’ll get over it at some point, but as of now, I wouldn’t put J-Kidd’s number in the rafters. It hurt my feelings, period, because I felt that we had developed a relationship, and I thought that he was committed to the organization. It sure seemed that he was. I mean, J-Kidd was active in going out there and talking to Deron Williams the whole time. I guess it was more shocking and surprising than anything else.”