Mark Cuban Wants the NBA to Admit All Referee Errors

by January 14, 2014

Twice in less than two weeks, the League has fessed up about its officials blowing late-game calls in favor of the Dallas Mavericks. Mark Cuban surely appreciates the gesture, but he’d prefer if the NBA admitted it each time a ref screwed up. Per the Dallas Morning News:

“I love the transparency,” Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said before Monday’s home game against Orlando. “Now if I can just get them to do the same level of transparency for the other 47 minutes, 55 seconds, we’ll really be making progress.”

Does Cuban mean that the NBA should admit to all referee calls missed during every game? Is that realistic?

“Yeah it is,” Cuban said. “Because if you’re evaluating and you’re being held accountable and you’re proud of the work you do, why wouldn’t you?”

Cuban said he wouldn’t necessarily expect the NBA to send out reports immediately after every game, nor would the reports need to focus on specific referees.

“The evaluation of the officiating evolves over the course of the season as they notice what’s being called and not being called,” Cuban said. “And it would be great if we had ongoing updates, as opposed to just finding out in the course of the game.”

Should the mistakes be announced publicly?

“It’s better if it’s public,” Cuban said. “Why not? What’s to hide? All you’ve got to do is do a tweet search for NBA refs during any multi-game night,” Cuban said. “And it’s an interesting source of knowledge. I think the more transparency we have, the stronger the connection we make with our fans.”