Mark Jackson Cried After the Warriors Made the Playoffs

by April 10, 2013

Hand down, tears drawn … Golden State Warriors head coach Mark Jackson got very emotional after his squad qualified for the Playoffs last night — it is the Dubs’ first postseason berth since 2007 and second since 1994. Per the Contra Costa Times: “Tuesday’s 105-89 win over the Minnesota Timberwolves, coupled with Utah’s home loss to Oklahoma City, clinched a postseason berth for Golden State for the first time in six years. Though it’s been expected, the feat had Warriors coach Mark Jackson in tears. ‘There’s no shame in my game,’ the second-year coach said. ‘I’m an emotional, sensitive guy. You live long enough, you learn to appreciate the process, the struggle and the accomplishments. I cry because I know what these guys put into it. I know what they mean to each other. I also cry because it could be somebody else in a suit and tie sitting in the big chair. I cry because God has blessed me once again.’ […] ‘We understand it’s a small step, but it’s a huge accomplishment for a lot of guys,’ Stephen Curry said after totaling 24 points and 10 assists in 39 minutes. ‘We heard what the ’07 year was like. We want to experience that, for our fans as well. The veterans, they’re going to sleep well tonight knowing they’ll get to experience that.'”