Mark Jackson: Warriors Don’t Regret Giving Up on Jeremy Lin

by February 09, 2012

While New York Knicks fans continue to delight in the Linsanity of it all, Golden State Warriors head coach Mark Jackson insists that he’s at peace with the club’s decision to part ways with Jeremy Lin. From CSN Bay Area: “Warriors fans might be bummed that Lin has put two consecutive good games together, but the Warriors as a team are more than happy with backup point guard Nate Robinson — the man who eventually came to replace Lin. The Warriors waived Lin at the start of training camp in order to get as much money off their books as possible so as to make a run at DeAndre Jordan, a restricted free agent center. The Warriors didn’t get Jordan because the Clippers matched the four-year, $42.7 million offer. But in the process, they also lost Lin. ‘It’s a stretch, it’s a stretch,’ Warriors coach Mark Jackson said of those comparing Lin to Robinson. ‘The fact is Jeremy Lin was let go so we could clear money to get DeAndre Jordan. So, it’s not fair to say ‘Why did you go get Nate?’ That had nothing to do with Jeremy Lin. Jeremy Lin is playing great. I wish him nothing but the very best. I hope he continues to play great basketball because in my short time with him, he was class and quality … At the end of the day, Nate Robinson won games for us,’ Jackson said. ‘And it’s not a fair comparison because it’s not either/or. We went and got Nate when Steph (Curry) went down and we needed help at the point guard position.'”