Markelle Fultz Picks Kobe Bryant over LeBron James

by August 14, 2017
fultz kobe lebron

Echoing Michael Jordan and Keyon Martin‘s comments, Sixers rookie Markelle Fultz thinks Kobe Bryant was a better player than LeBron James.

During an interview with SiriusXM NBA Radio, Fultz said that LeBron is “on the way there” but still needs time to surpass Kobe in his mind.

“I think Kobe’s better, but that’s no knock on LeBron. But Kobe’s, I mean, the next thing after Jordan, really.


“Championships do have a role to play with it, but when you just look at the work that Kobe has done, it’s unbelievable.” […]


“I think [LeBron’s] up there. I think he got some ways to go.” […]


“I think he’s on the way there. He’s a great player. I think he’s the best player right now.”

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