Marreese Speights: Clippers Need To ‘Start Leaving the Refs Alone’

Marreese Speights had an interesting insight on last night’s Warriors-Clippers game considering that he played on the Dubs for the previous three seasons. The Clippers have developed a reputation around the League as a team that sometimes worries more about the referees than the game itself. Following the blowout loss, Speights called out L.A. for the treatment of the refs.

From the The OC Register:

“First we need to start really just leaving the refs alone,” Speights said. “Guys just got to sacrifice, do some other things than scoring, do some other things than your personal goals. Just try something new.


“They’ve been doing it here for four or five years and it hasn’t been working, so it’s time to try something new.”

Speights also revealed that the scouting report on the Clippers is to “hit them a couple of times” to break their spirit:

“That’s the scouting report when you play against the Clippers,” he said. “It’s always been, especially with the Warriors, you play against the Clippers, you hit them a couple of times and their spirit is going to be down. That’s what happened, so we’ve just got to find a way to get over that hump.”

When asked about Speights’ comments, Blake Griffin disagreed saying that his teammate’s scouting report can be said about every team in the League:

“We want to break everyone’s spirit,” he said. “That’s like a scouting report that says don’t let them score the ball.”

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