Matthew Dellavedova: ‘I Spend a Lot of Time at Chipotle’

by June 04, 2015

Entering the 2015 playoffs, the name Mathew Dellavedova rarely made headlines. However, the 6-4 Australian guard has abruptly risen to prominence after some impressive playoff performances and his role in a few controversial plays, most notably a fight for a rebound that resulted in Al Horford’s ejection from Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

Nonetheless, the 24-year-old is receiving more attention than ever before, and has become a fan favorite in Cleveland. Still, Delly continues to live his life the way he always has, doing his best to tune out the frenzy that has engulfed him. He still goes to the market to get smoothies, and he still goes to Chipotle. A lot, apparently.

From Jared Zwerling’s feature on Delly today over at Bleacher Report:

Dellavedova’s 19-point performance in the Cavaliers’ close-out win in Game 6 in the conference semifinals and his physical hustle plays against the Bulls and Hawks have made him a cult hero in Cleveland. The team shop sold out of his merchandise, and local rapper Mizzery Jones of A.I. produced “Hustle Like Delly,” with the words “I’m just tryin’ to stay ready, ’til I die I’m gonna hustle like Delly.”


The 24-year-old Dellavedova wasn’t aware of the song, as he’s turned off the outside noise.


“My life is just the same,” he said. “I still do the same things. I spend a lot of time at Chipotle.”