Maverick Carter Sued Over LeBron Pendant

by October 19, 2010

Remember that silly LBJ pendant story from this summer? Yeah, it’s not going away. TMZ reports: “[Maverick] Carter maintains the pendant was stolen from him roughly 3 years ago … and he had no idea where it went until he saw that Robinson was trying to sell it on eBay. But in the suit, filed in Ohio, [VaNeisha] Robinson claims Carter concocted a diabolical plan to lure her into his home, insisting that LeBron would be present to make a deal — instead, she claims, a horde of 8 or 9 people held her in the house against her will and forced her to give up the bling. For the record — Robinson claims LeBron was never at the house. Now, Robinson wants the pendant back and more than $50k in damages from Carter — claiming she was robbed, falsely imprisoned and suffered some serious mental anguish.Β  Carter has already filed a response — denying all allegations.”