Mavs Unwilling to Make Trades Prior to Deadline?

by February 17, 2011

Dallas has been tossed around in trade rumors around the League of late, but the word in Texas is that Mark Cuban is happy with the makeup of the team and confident they can win it all this year. The Star-Telegram reports: “The NBA trading deadline is eight days away. But unless someone is willing to trade an All-Star for a second-round pick, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said he won’t be stepping to the plate to do any deals. Cuban, in fact, said he believes he already has the players under contract to win the NBA title this season. From Cuban’s vantage point, all the Mavs need to do is brush up on a few things and they’ll be marching in a parade in downtown Dallas in a little over four months. The return of Rodrigue ‘Roddy B’ Beaubois – he played his first game of the season Wednesday against Sacramento – isn’t what convinced Cuban the Mavs could unseat the Los Angeles Lakers and finally capture their first NBA championship. There are many elements of the Mavs that has brought an added pep to Cuban’s step these days. ‘It’s not because of Roddy,’ Cuban said. ‘It’s just because we’re playing well. We’ve got some potential. We’ve got a lot of different looks we can show teams.’ Still, Cuban knows there’s a lot of room for improvement before his players get fitted for any championship rings. ‘We’ve got to do a better job of holding leads,’ he said. ‘We do a great job of building them, a lousy job of keeping them, and that’s got to be something we’ve got to focus on, because this really reflects a lack of focus at different points of the game. But I think we’ve got to start practicing playing playoff basketball now, which is something the coaches started to preach lately.'”