McDyess’ Turn to Question Billups’ Trade

by January 06, 2010

And why not? Everyone else has, too: “In the throes of a painful rebuilding process that began the day Chauncey Billups was dealt to Denver, the Pistons are mired in a 10-game losing streak, their longest since dropping 13 straight during the 1993-94 campaign. ‘It’s sad,’ said McDyess, who nevertheless will be rooting for Detroit to extend that streak tonight. ‘It’s sad to see those guys go through that. Nobody wants to be on that end of it, losing (10) games in a row.’ With the Billups deal, McDyess said, Detroit ‘broke up all chemistry. I really didn’t understand the logic of that trade,’ he said. ‘I guess they were in a rebuilding stage, and it’s showing now.’ Asked if he would still be in Detroit if Billups were still there, McDyess said, ‘I think I would.”’