Meet the New, Slimmer Stan Van Gundy

by December 12, 2010

To relieve stress (and, y’know, not die on the sidelines), SVG has enrolled himself into a rigorous exercise program, and the results have been noticeable. The Orlando Sentinel reports: “There’s one place I never, ever thought I’d be interviewing Magic coach Stan Van Gundy: An exercise room. A dining room, definitely. But there was Van Gundy, huffing and puffing on an elliptical machine in the practice facility as we spoke. He was well into his daily goal of one hour of cardio. If you haven’t noticed, there’s a lot less of Stan this season. He’s now a full-blown workout warrior. He began a fitness program and semi-diet on Sept.2, when he carried 240 pounds on his 5-foot-8 frame. As of last Tuesday, when we talked, he said he had lost 22 pounds and several pants sizes. He also said it was his 97th consecutive day of exercise. ‘I have an addictive personality,’ he said. Now he gets at least 30 minutes of cardio a day. Some days he lifts weights with the players — well, near the players. He has run sprints with them, too. Van Gundy, 51, said he started his exercise streak after undergoing a physical. His doctor scared him straight. A father of four, he feared he was putting his health at risk. ‘I didn’t want [huff] to be a candidate [puff] for a stroke or diabetes,’ Stan said, furiously pushing the pedals. ‘It’s something [huff] I’ve known I had to do for a while, but I never [puff] took the time. I definitely feel better. No question.'”