Metta World Peace Mocks the Brooklyn Nets for Flopping

Following the Los Angeles Lakers’ win over the Brooklyn Nets last night, Metta World Peace took to Twitter and ranted away about the Nets’ flop-happy ways, singling out Reggie Evans and Gerald Wallace as the most egregious offenders. The NY Daily News has more: “what was the best flop tonight? out of the three?i am so happy the nba charges $5000 per flop……’ […] ‘the two gerad wallace flops were i am on the court like’what in the world’!!! it is crazy because i am still strong but quicker.’ […] ‘i was so nervous when gerald wallace flopped i thought the ref ws going to call a foul on me.. Nick Batum got me in Portland.’ […] ‘i can see overseas players flopping but not american players.. they made the rule for the overseas players.. but now its out of hand…..’ […] ‘the refs did a good job on the gerald wallace flops… but they missed the reggie evans flop…. its ok.. they will catch the next ones’ […] ‘You can not flop and play for brooklyn..!! Brooklyn equals , red bricks, streets, the gutter, marcy,soul in the hole,gershwin park,etc…’ [Reggie] Evans surely flopped, and it was rather dramatic exaggeration of contact with World Peace as both ran up the floor. World Peace was called for the foul. Evans will likely be the first NBA player to pay a fine for flopping ($5,000 for the first offense after a warning), which is fitting because he was the poster child for the video informing everybody what constitutes a flop. Evans was already warned for flopping against the Celtics last week.”