Metta World Peace Says He Wrote a Book About the Malice at the Palace

by October 06, 2013

…And, assuming it really exists, we can’t wait to read it. Per the NY Post: “Q: The Malice at the Palace. A: I wrote a book about it, son. I think I’m gonna wait to talk about it. But I wrote a book about that whole experience. Q: When’s it coming out? A: I think next summer. Q: Do you think it affected your reputation? A: Maybe like 500,000 people still talk about it, or a million people. But the other 6.9 billion people in the world, I think they got other things to worry about, you know — from the economy, to Middle East problems, to starvation in some countries, to girl trafficking in some countries, to gang violence. There’s so many other problems in the world. Q: But given those same circumstances, would you react the same today? A: I don’t think about it. There’s nothing to think about. Q: You want to wait until that book comes out. A: If that same thing happened today, I don’t think about those situations. Q: But you lost $5 million right? A: It was more than that. Q: What was that period like away from basketball? A: I just got through it. I prayed the one night. I asked God, ‘Is this what’s supposed to happen to me?’ He said, ;Yes, this is the point in your life where this is supposed to happen,’ and I just moved on.”