Miami Heat Ban Anti-LeBron Writer

by November 17, 2010

Pro tip for any of you aspiring hoops scribes out there: repeatedly calling one of the L’s biggest stars “the whore of Akron” in print probably isn’t the wisest career move. Just ask this Esquire writer: “Everybody’s a critic. At 4:01 P.M. yesterday, I get this e-mail from Tim Donovan, head of media relations for the Miami Heat: ‘Scott: You are no longer welcome at our building and will not be credentialed moving forward. Tim’ That’s it. That’s the whole e-mail. So I send back an e-mail at 4:04 asking why. No reply. I suspect that Tim objected to something I wrote yesterday. I referred to LeBron James as the Whore of Akron — maybe that was it.”