Miami Heat Fans Left Game 6 of the NBA Finals Early

by June 19, 2013

With the outcome of a classic NBA Finals Game 6 still very much hanging in the balance, hundreds if not thousands of Miami Heat “fans” walked out of the arena last night, only to fruitlessly try and force their way back in once their team won and forced Game 7. Epic.FAIL. Per CBS Sports: “With 28 seconds to go, Manu Ginobili stole an errant LeBron pass and took off for the other end. He drew a foul, split the free throws and put the Spurs up 94-89. And in piles like something out of a World War Z trailer, Heat fans hit the exits. ‘It was kind of sad,’ one Heat fan that stayed told me. ‘But those who stayed saw one of the greatest games ever.’ […] The scene was described to me by one arena worker as ‘crazy’ and that hundreds of fans were pounding on the glass doors begging to be let back in. Police actually came over to stablize the situation as some were getting quite upset, apparently. One worker expressed actual worry and there was a little bit of fear because of the aggressiveness some were showing. ‘They were saying, ‘I just left! I just left! Please!’ an arena worker said. ‘They’d run up there, then they’d run back here trying different doors to see if they could get in.’ […] ‘I was kind of devastated to see so many people leaving,’ one Heat fan said. ‘I said, ‘they will feel really, really bad when the Heat get back in this game and win.’ And they did.’ […] ‘Even if they would’ve lost, we would’ve still been here,’ the Heat fan said. ‘It’s not a thing a fan does if they are down by five or 10 or whatever and you leave. It’s the people that aren’t true fans, they’re not going to learn their lesson,’ he said. ‘I think this was really sweet for those guys that left early.'”