Miami Reportedly Fears Chris Bosh May Be Forced into Medical Retirement

by May 17, 2016

Chris Bosh has been out since the All-Star break, at which time a medical condition derailed his season for the second year in a row.

There are fears in Miami, reportedly, that the Heat forward may never hoop in the NBA again.

Bosh, 32, watched as his former team eliminated the Heat in seven games.


There is a fear within the Heat organization that Bosh’s condition will prevent him from ever being cleared to play by team doctors, several sources said. It’s a result of exhaustive consultations with specialists. Something this big and delicate, the sides have gone deep attempting to understand all the options. […] It’s forced everyone to confront the possibility of Bosh ultimately being forced into a medical retirement.


“I feel very badly for CB because I know how much this game means to him,” Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said Sunday after his team’s Game 7 loss to the Toronto Raptors. “I think everybody knows how much CB means to me.”


This is an unpleasant reality the sides have wrestled with for months while trying to focus on the team. But league rules and the Heat’s situation may end up causing it to come to a head as the Heat enter the summer needing to make roster plans. […] Such as, do the Heat need to spend some of their $40 million in cap space on signing a center to be their starter in place of Bosh long term. A player like now-free agent Hassan Whiteside, for example.