Michael Beasley Finds NBA Labor Negotiations ‘Kind of Retarded’

by October 25, 2011

Michael Beasley recently hired a PR firm to help with image rehab, and though he seems to be on the right path in that regard, the folks he hired might wanna inform him that he shouldn’t use these kinds of words (especially when talking to the media.) Per the AP: “The first two weeks of the season, which would have started Nov. 1, have already been called off. Commissioner David Stern warned previously that all games through Christmas could be canceled without a deal this week, but those games haven’t been wiped out yet. ‘Fighting over 3 percent, that’s kind of retarded to me,’ said Michael Beasley. ‘But it is what is. We’ll come to an agreement. The quicker we can get a deal done, the better,’ he added. ‘Like I’ve been saying before, the main ones suffering are our fans.'”

(H/T: EOB)