Michael Beasley is Mentoring Hassan Whiteside

Miami Heat forward Michael Beasley appears to have matured considerably as he fights to remain in the NBA, and he’s passing along the lessons he’s learned to a young, at times immature teammate.

SuperCool Beas says he has taken Hassan Whiteside under his wing.

Beasley argues that his up-and-down career can be a useful guide for Whiteside.

Per CBS Miami:

When the Heat’s talented but sometimes immature center mentioned Beasley among the players mentoring him after getting ejected from two games in a one-week span, many were baffled. Beas hasn’t exactly had a glowing reputation in NBA circles but his reasoning makes a ton of tense.


“It’s funny because everybody looks at me or not even me, looks at a troublemaker, and really wouldn’t want him to hinder the success of anyone else,” Beasley said. “Then they look at a Dwyane Wade and then a LeBron James, well, that’s the perfect guy to listen to. Well not always.


Sometimes you want to listen to the guy that’s been through some things, the guy that fell off the mountain and climbed back and really that’s what Hassan needed. That’s what I needed. That’s what I had in (Udonis Haslem) my first couple years, somebody that didn’t have the high road to take his whole career.”