Michael Beasley Says He’s Going to Be an All-Star Next Season

by July 23, 2012

The Phoenix Suns signed free agent forward Michael Beasley this summer. The wildly talented Beasley  — who’s made headlines so far in his young NBA career mostly for getting himself into trouble, rather than for his game — claims that he’s ready to reach All-Star status. From XTRA 910 in Phoenix (via SRI): “On his past issues: ‘You have to embrace your past. Ultimately it was my fault. I’m here to play basketball and I’m here to work hard and hopefully my next contract will be a little bit bigger to say the least. I’ve been through a lot in my past, some good and some bad and that kind of altered my value. I understand I’ve grown and I’m ready to move on.’ When he realized that it was time for him to mature: ‘My last year in Minnesota, which was last year. There are a lot of things that I know I had control over or did have control over and I realized it was me who didn’t capitalize on a lot of those things. In order to grow as a person the first step is realizing it was your fault more than anybody else. I did that and I’m ready to move on.’ How he would describe his game: ‘I’m just a winner. I’m going to work hard and do what I have to do on both sides of the floor but overall I just want to be exciting. This is a business and the fans come to be entertained. At the same time I just want to win.’ […] Whether he believes he will be an All-Star before his contract is up in Phoenix: ‘In my mind I’m going to be an All-Star this coming season. All I want to do is win. Whether I get the recognition for what I do on the floor or not, as long as we’re winning I’m okay with that.'”