Michael Jordan Told Dwight Howard To Stop Playing ‘Pissed Off’

by September 19, 2017

Hornets owner Michael Jordan wants Dwight Howard to “play determined”—and not “pissed off”—this season in Charlotte.

MJ called Dwight this summer and explained, “When you’re pissed, you’re out of control.” From Sports Illustrated‘s Lee Jenkins:

This summer he finally found someone to give him the benefit of the doubt. On June 20, Howard was walking out of L.A. Fitness in Atlanta, swaddled in Hawks sweats, when Michael Jordan called. […]


“Why are you so pissed off?” Jordan asked.


I thought that’s what people wanted, Howard thought.


“When you’re pissed, you’re out of control, and you’re not focusing on your shots or your free throws or the right type of defense,” Jordan went on.


“Why play pissed when you can play determined?” Jordan, the Hornets’ owner, explained that he was bringing Howard to Charlotte to learn the difference.

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