Michael Jordan Got Mad at Charles Barkley for Public Criticism

Despite their long-standing friendship, Charles Barkley has never shied away from criticizing Michael Jordan’s work with the Charlotte Bobcats. Let’s just say that MJ doesn’t always appreciate Sir Charles’ candor. Per ESPN Radio (via SRI): “In regards to Michael Jordan being a bad general manager, honest is honest right Charles? ‘Honest is honest.’ Well how did Michael Jordan defend himself in that call? ‘I thought my name was S.O.B and M.F., like damn, I couldn’t even say anything. I said, ‘Dude I can’t get on the radio and tell people you been doin’ a good job.’ Did Michael Jordan try and defend himself on some of the moves? Or was he just relying on your friendship? ‘He’s relying on our friendship and I said, ‘Dude, I love you, you one of my best friends, period. You been there for me, I been there for you but.’ I think he got mad; he surrounded himself with people. One of the really difficult things about being famous, all your friends, you’re paying all the bills, they’re flying around on your private jet, very few of your friends are ever gonna disagree with you. And I think that’s the thing he got most mad about, ’cause I mean his record speaks for itself and I wanna see Michael do well, but I think that was actually an example when he thinks you’re supposed to be with him no matter what. But dude, you gotta get better people to wear on you if you’re gonna be successful. … You gotta have friends around you who [are] not afraid to say, ‘Oh that guy can’t play.’ And we’re cool now.’ What if he said to you ‘Charles can you come be part of my management group and help me try to get things back on the right path?’ ‘I said, ‘Michael you can’t afford me.’ Oh he could, he could afford anything? ‘First of all, let me tell you something, Michael is as cheap as they come, trust me.'”