Michael Redd May Not Return Until February

by July 12, 2010

According to the Journal Sentinel, Redd and his massive contract will not be in uniform for the Bucks for a very long time: “It appears that injured Milwaukee Bucks guard Michael Redd will be in no hurry to begin his comeback attempt next season. According to sources, Redd does not want to risk coming back too early, as he possibly did last season, and does not plan to try to return to basketball until sometime next February. It’s possible that Redd, 30, also is being mindful of how the Tracy McGrady situation played out last season in Houston and New York. The Bucks have signed John Salmons to a multi-year contract, and it does not appear that Redd factors heavily into their plans any longer. It would be a cumbersome situation for both parties should he decide to report to training camp. If Redd, who has an insured $18.3 million contract for next season, intends to begin his comeback at the all-star break next February, for example, there would be only a couple months left in the regular season, and it would be far too late for the Bucks to try and work him back into the equation. But his expiring contract would have considerable value on the trade market and, because his physical status would remain uncertain at that point, there would still be a possibility that he could play again. Being an unknown quantity would be better for Redd than to come back early and break down again.”