Mike Conley Still Unsure When He’ll Re-Join the Grizzlies’ Lineup

by May 04, 2015

Memphis Grizzlies guard Mike Conley was a mere spectator Sunday during Game 1 of his team’s second-round series against the Golden State Warriors, but did take part in some light pre-game shooting drills.

Conley has missed three consecutive Playoff games since undergoing surgery to repair facial fractures, with the Grizz going 1-2 during his absence.

Conley’s injuries (a swollen left eye and bleeding) are the result of an inadvertent elbow from Portland’s C.J. McCollum, and there’s no telling when he’ll suit up again.

Per Yahoo! Sports:

“Today was a big step being able to go in front of the crowd and the loud noise,” Conley said. “I did all right. All the horns and stuff really aggravated it. But it was all right. […] It’s very tough because I know how much I mean to the team and the organization. We understand we have a chance with the team that we have put together. Our time is now.”


Conley attended Wednesday’s playoff game against the Blazers. In hindsight, he would have probably been better off staying in bed. […] “The worst part immediately coming out of surgery … was I had not ate and I was throwing up, throwing up and throwing up the whole rest of the day,” Conley said. “It was because of the pain meds because I needed them because of the pain. I couldn’t deal with the pain. I couldn’t deal with throwing up. I couldn’t eat. […] I felt weak. I felt like I had a fever. …I was like, ‘This is the worst feeling in the world.’ I felt like that for two days and then I was able to get up for the game on Wednesday. It was the first time I was able to go to the [arena] and just watch the guys.”


“You get a lot of headaches,” Conley said. “You get a lot of pressure in that eye. It’s tough to hear loud noises and horns. Lights hurt. It’s sensitive to a lot. That’s the biggest thing. But most of all my body is trying to get used to moving around because I took a full week where I was just laying in the bed and was not moving. Just being on the court a little bit helped.” […] Memphis coach David Joerger had said there was a slight chance Conley could play in Game 1. Conley said he and Joerger ultimately decided before tipoff that he was not ready. Conley also missed the final four games of the regular season with a sprained right foot.