Mike D’Antoni to Knicks Fans: ‘Take Some Prozac or Something’

With the pressure building in New York, coach D’Antoni advises Knicks fans to chill out, man. The NY Times has the quotes: “Thirteen games into the Stoudemire-Anthony experiment — and 15 games from the finish line — the Knicks are straddling the uncomfortable space between expectations and fundamental realities. The public expects a juggernaut, no matter how many times the Knicks insist they need time to establish an identity. Before the game, D’Antoni acknowledged the fans’ anxiety and tried to calm the waters. ‘It’s great — they care,’ he said, before adding a bit of wry advice. ‘You know, take some Prozac or something. Hang in there. We’re hanging in there. We’re pedaling as fast as we can pedal.’ He acknowledged ‘some deficiencies, some holes,’ particularly on defense — a weakness that has been demonstrably worse since the trade. ‘The biggest thing is not to panic,’ D’Antoni said, adding, ‘We’re not as good as we will be.'”