Mike Krzyzewski: Stop Asking Derrick Rose About His Health

Team USA head coach Mike Krzyzewski wants all the questions about Derrick Rose’s health to stop. Rather than the same old, tired questions, Coach K offered a few alternatives that should “stimulate his mind” instead. From USA Today:

“I think at some time that everybody should stop asking about him physically, and just say, ‘How’s your game? What do you think? You think we’re going to win? How’d you like that pass?'” Krzyzewski said with a smile during his comedic-but-deliberate bit. “Although it’s nice when people say how do you feel, when that’s the only thing you say then they say, ‘Come on man, let’s have a more in-depth conversation. And I think he’s ready for that.”


The advice kept coming. And to be fair, Krzyzewski’s questions were much more intriguing near the end.


“I saw you in a shooting drill, you looked happy; How’s your crossover going?” Krzyzewski continued. “You’re getting up on your jumpshot. Is Coach K calling enough plays for you? Do you have a rift with Coach K? Why is he limiting your minutes? It’s because he’s from the south side of Chicago, and not from the north side. Those are all more questions that will stimulate his mind and will help him.”