Mikhail Prokhorov Backtracks on Promise to Get Married if Nets Don’t Win Title By 2015

by November 11, 2013

Welp. So much for Brooklyn Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov’s hilarious pledge to punish himself by getting married if his team doesn’t win the NBA championship by 2015. Prokhorov says he wasn’t serious. Per the NY Daily News: “‘It was a joke,’ Prokhorov said this week on ‘CBS This Morning.’ Still, Prokhorov assured that he wasn’t backing down from his guarantee of winning the championship by his fifth season of ownership: ‘No, it’s just that for the time being, I am not looking for the wife.’ Once dubbed Russia’s most eligible bachelor, Prokhorov, 47, first connected marriage and the Nets during a session with reporters in 2010, saying it would be his punishment for failure. He then repeated it several times, including before last season. But the oligarch likes to joke, and apparently this was one of those times. Perhaps more important to the Nets, Prokhorov told CBS that he is still most focused on politics. Prokhorov ran for president of Russia last year and lost to Vladimir Putin. ‘I’m only in politics now,’ Prokhorov said. ‘From time to time, I keep an eye on what’s going on in the economy, what’s going on in my group, but my day-to-day routine is politics.'”