Mo Williams Bothered By Trade Talk

Things have gotten so nerve-wracking for Williams that he’s begging his team (through Twitter and the traditional media) not to trade him away: “With trade rumors swirling around him over the last several weeks, the Cavaliers guard got proactive today via his Twitter feed by requesting not to be traded to his more than 54,000 followers. ‘I’m not ready to go,’ Williams wrote. ‘I’m begging. My work ain’t done yet. I’m on both knees.’ Multiple league executives have said that the Cavs have had some trade talks with Williams but they are not looking to trade him, just to get a feel for his market if they decide to make a move. In an interview with The Plain Dealer from his San Diego-area offseason home this afternoon, Williams said the trade rumors have been giving him some stress. ‘It has been bothering me, it is a little nerve-wracking and frustrating,’ Williams said. ‘Especially from the simple fact that you don’t want to leave. But there’s a lot of things going with the team, and you never know what is going to happen. It is something you can’t control and it is part of the business.’ Williams said that he has not been in contact with the organization, but that he’s gotten a steady stream of calls as rumors have spread. Recently he’s been linked to the Portland Trail Blazers and Sacramento Kings. But league sources indicate the Cavs aren’t close to any sort of deal for Williams and instead have been much more active in Delonte West trade talks. Still, Williams is somewhat unsettled.”