Mo Williams & Delonte West Placed on Trading Block

by June 06, 2010

by Myles Brown/@mdotbrown

Even after the firing of head coach Mike Brown and the abrupt resignation of GM Danny Ferry, it appears the Cleveland Cavaliers still aren’t done cleaning house.

“These talks are being piloted, sources said, by new general manager Chris Grant. However, the decision to determine Williams’ value could mostly be the result of the two weeks of in-depth conversations led by Gilbert on the state of the team. The products of those talks resulted in the firing of Mike Brown and Danny Ferry’s decision not to seek another contract.

It is not assured that the Cavs will make a deal. This is the time of year when teams amp up trade discussions prior to the draft. Last year, the Cavs traded for Shaquille O’Neal the day before the draft but started the discussions for that deal in the first week of June.”

This is clearly a move meant to appease the leagues preeminent free agent, LeBron James, but it remains to be seen if emptying the cupboard without any suitable replacements will be enough for Cleveland to satisfy their superstar.