Mo Williams is Guaranteeing Things

by February 25, 2009

Things like a championship for the Cavs this year: “It’s not uncommon to hear the Cavaliers talk about winning the NBA championship. Mention taking the Central Division for the first time in 33 years and the players shrug, stating that’s not their goal. So it wasn’t surprising to hear Williams’ answer on ESPNRadio’s Tirico & Van Pelt show when guest host Stephen A. Smith asked if the Cavs would win the title this year. ‘Oh, that’s for sure. That’s a guarantee. We plan on winning it so, to answering your question: yeah,’ he said to Smith…When asked about his words and the Boston Celtics, Williams stood his ground. ‘I don’t care,’ he said. ‘They know; it ain’t no secret. They feel the same way.'”