Mo Williams Mad the Clippers Haven’t Given Him a Contract Extension

by February 09, 2012

Mo Williams is angry about his contract status in Los Angeles, which he tells to an even angrier writer from the LA Times. Good times ensue: “I just want to know where I stand with the Clippers.’ Translation: He’s looking for a contract extension. Me, me, and me, he’s saying, as we sit down to talk about life without Billups, and why am I not surprised? He was upset when the Clippers acquired Paul and Billups, two future Hall of Famers to buoy a long-lost franchise. Everyone is talking about what it might mean to have the Clippers improve so quickly except for Williams, who wants to know, what about me? ‘I want to play,’ he says in explaining his attitude, but what he really means to say is, he wants to start. But aren’t Paul and Billups better players? ‘I’ll let you decide,’ Williams says. ‘They are teammates of mine, so I won’t say.’ I help him out: They are much better than you are. Now Billups is out, and Coach Vinny Del Negro is going with Randy Foye as his starter instead of Williams. Obvious question for Williams: Are you upset about this? ‘For this team I have a role,’ he says, ‘whether I accept it or not.’ […] He’s making $8.5 million to play for the Clippers and has a contract for next season that will bring him another $8.5 million. From this vantage point, it appears he’s standing on pretty firm ground. ‘If you have a girlfriend and she tells you she loves you every day, obviously you know she loves you,’ Williams says. So does he want the Clippers to tell him every day they love him? ‘The way they tell you they love you every day is by signing you to a contract extension,’ Williams says.”