Mo Williams on Orlando: They Can’t Beat Us

by Marcel Mutoni

Following Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals, Mo Williams emerged as one of the players facing the most pressure as the Cavs attempt to even up the series.

Mo, though, isn’t sweating it. He doesn’t think the Orlando Magic stand much of a chance in this series anyway. caught up with the hyper-confident Mo before team practice yesterday:

Mo Williams came with the bulletin board material today before practice.”I don’t feel this team can beat us four times,” he said. And then reiterated to make sure we heard him, “I don’t see them beating us four times.”

The quote was unsolicited. He was asked if there was a difference now that the Cavs are behind for the first time in these Playoffs.”It doesn’t change anything for me,” he started. “It’s good, because I’ve never been here before. So me being down 0-1, it doesn’t really mean anything to me.”

And then he went straight to saying that he can’t imagine his team losing this series.

Mo Williams, ladies and germs!

Always a terrific idea for a guy with hardly any Playoff experience at all to be completely dismissive of his wildy talented opponent in the conference championship round.