Monta Ellis Creating AAU Programs for Underprivileged Youth

by September 23, 2011

Monta Ellis’ foundation is working to create programs for underprivileged kids in both Memphis and Jackson, Mississippi. From the Commercial Appeal: “The Golden State Warriors’ prolific shooting guard, who resides in Eads, is looking to spread his good will to the Memphis community. Growing up an underprivileged kid himself, Ellis said he looked forward to getting to the point where he could help others. Last November, the ME8foundation provided dinners during Thanksgiving week for families staying at the Memphis Grizzlies House, a short-term-stay facility for children undergoing treatment at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and their families. That was the beginning of the foundation’s foray into Memphis. This year, Ellis formed a local AAU track team and has plans for starting up AAU basketball and football teams in both Memphis and Jackson. ‘His primary goal is to help young people soar to the highest athletic ability possible, to reach their dreams,’ said Stacey Nickens, a spokesman for the foundation. Ellis would also like to integrate his basketball camps, which he currently runs in Jackson, into the Memphis area. Future camps, he said, will offer classroom settings run by school teachers. ‘In the morning they’ll go to classes before they go to anything with sports,’ Ellis said. ‘I’m trying to beat it in their heads and get the high school kids ready for college, filling out applications and getting ready for the ACT.’ Ellis started the ME8foundation in 2009 in Jackson, where he has held basketball camps, workshops, back-to-school giveaways, and community picnics, while also providing a $5,000 scholarship to Jackson State for students at his alma mater, Lanier High School.”