Mychal Thompson: Dellavedova ‘Couldn’t Stop Steph if Steph Was Asleep’

Prior to Game 4 of the NBA Finals, Klay Thompson’s father wanted to make it crystal-clear that despite some success, Matthew Dellavedova really has no chance of stopping Stephen Curry.

The MVP then went out and proved it during the Golden State Warriors’ 103-82 win, as Delly regressed and the Cleveland Cavaliers were clearly running on fumes.

Mychal Thompson says Dellavedova deserves credit for the job he’s done so far, though.

Per the Contra Costa Times:

“Dellavedova, he couldn’t stop Steph if Steph was asleep,” Mychal Thompson said on the ESPN LA radio show he co-hosts on Thursday before Game 4. “Steph is that good of an offensive player, that great of a shooter, that great of a ballhandler.


“So giving him credit for stopping Steph Curry, people who are doing that don’t understand that Steph Curry is one of those kind of guys — Kevin Durant, Kobe (Bryant) when Kobe was in his prime. There’s nothing you can do with guys like that. They’re going to score. You’re just trying to make things as difficult as possible for him. And Dellavedova’s scrapping, and he’s hustling. I give him credit for that. And he’s trying his little heart out. But no, come on. That’s a joke to think he can stop Steph Curry.”


“He’s a scrappy guy, man,” Thompson said of Dellavedova, the undrafted Saint Mary’s product who has turned into a sensation in the Finals. […] “The way he’s playing Steph, he’s being physical. He’s grabbing, clutching. He’s just going after guys’ knees and stuff. Did you see him go after Draymond (Green’s) knees the other night, by the way? The league sort of didn’t notice that.”

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