Nash Discusses the Suns’ Economic Concerns

by February 05, 2009

Econ 101 with the former MVP: “Nash can understand basketball moves made because of money, but he said those choices need to be factored in when discussing a championship. The Suns simply aren’t as talented as they could be because of the monetary constraints of Robert Sarver and his ownership group. ‘It’s their team and they can do whatever they want,’ Nash said matter-of-factly. ‘At the same time, when people are critical of us they should keep in mind we can very easily have a different roster. Go through and look at the players we’ve given up that were still cheap and very valuable. Sometimes you just can’t have the same expectations you would in a different situation. You have to realize this organization is run with a business model not to make money or to not lose money — fiscal responsibility. I respect that and at the same time you can’t expect to compete with every team in the world when you have that concern.'”