NBA Cancels All Preseason Games, Regular Season Games in Jeopardy

Today’s labor talks went absolutely nowhere, and with both sides saying they won’t even be negotiating for a while, the League canceled the remaining preseason games. Regular season games are likely next, if a deal isn’t reached by Monday (don’t hold your breath.) Yahoo! Sports has the depressing details: “[David] Stern announced the cancellation of the remaining two weeks of the preseason and set Monday as the deadline to save the Nov. 1 start of the regular season. The league and players union don’t have another negotiating session scheduled after talks broke down Tuesday. ‘We’d like to not miss the first two weeks of the season, but it doesn’t look good,’ Stern said. After Players Association president Derek Fisher declared Tuesday’s meeting ‘huge’ in determining whether the regular season would start on time, union and league officials couldn’t narrow the economic gap between them to generate substantial progress. The two sides don’t have another meeting scheduled. ‘We find ourselves where we expected to be: a lockout that may jeopardize a part, or our whole season,’ Fisher said after the four-hour session at a Times Square hotel.”