NBA Planning 7-Day All-Star Break in 2014-15

The NBA is reportedly planning a seven-day All-Star break in 2015 to give players extra rest. Last season, teams were given a five-day layoff during the All-Star break. Per the Sun Sentinel:

The NBA is poised to turn the All-Star break into All-Star week this coming season, the Sun Sentinel has learned, providing teams with a full week off at midseason.


The move, which would give players seven days off between games in mid-February, would result in an increase of one or two back-to-back sets per team for the coming season, a party familiar with the process said.


“That’s the model they’re using right now while they’re filling in the schedule,” an NBA source familiar with the process told the Sun Sentinel Friday. “Could they go back and use some of those dates if needed? That’s possible. But the week off looks like what’s going to happen.”