NBA Execs: Phil Jackson Has Damaged Carmelo Anthony’s Trade Stock

Knicks president Phil Jackson has repeated time and again that he doesn’t want Carmelo Anthony to be playing in New York next season.

Problem is, with every eyebrow-raising comment, Jackson is killing Anthony’s trade value.

The NY Post spoke to several members of NBA front offices who think the Knicks would be lucky to get anything of value in return:

“Phil made a statement basically that Carmelo’s a losing type of player. Well, if he’s a loser for the Knicks, he’s going to be a winner someplace else? That obviously didn’t help,” one Eastern Conference executive said.


“Tremendously,” another exec said when asked how much Jackson may have damaged Anthony’s trade value. “He essentially said, ‘I want to dump this guy.'”


“Most owners would just roast you if you said something like that,” the Eastern exec said, theorizing the return for Anthony could be “a protected first-round pick. It sure sounds like the Knicks want to get rid of him, so teams won’t give up any of their core to add him. That would be defeating the purpose.”

Phil Jackson Says Carmelo Anthony ‘Would Be Better Off Somewhere Else’