NBA Hall of Famer Adrian Dantley is Now a School Crossing Guard

This is an amazing story — Adrian Dantley, one of the greatest players in NBA history, is now pulling two shifts a day as a crossing guard for Eastern Middle School in Silver Spring, Maryland. Deadspin has the details: “The job, which he took at the beginning of this school year, earns him $14,685.50 a year, according to Montgomery County civil service records. ‘He doesn’t need the money,’ a Dantley associate tells me. The guard-forward was legendarily cheap during his long and fruitful NBA career, and he still lives nearby in a home he purchased in 1990 for $1.1 million, one that a former agent said ‘was virtually free and clear’ of debt back in 1996. ‘He’s not going to just sit around,’ the associate continues, “and he just doesn’t want to pay health insurance.’ Turns out that NBA veterans aren’t provided health insurance by the league, not even all-timers like Dantley. Crossing guards in Montgomery County, however, are. […] His NBA career peaked, numbers-wise, during his stay in Utah that began in the early 1980s. For each season between 1981 and 1984, he averaged more than 30 points a game. He retired in 1991 after 15 seasons and 23,177 points, making him the ninth-leading scorer of all time to that point. He loved free throws, naturally. Dantley still shares records for foul shots made in a quarter (14, playing for Detroit against Sacramento in 1986) and a game (28, while with Utah in 1984 against Houston). He hated squandering possessions as a player, too: Dantley shot 54 percent on his career, the highest-ever mark registered by anybody 6-foot-5 or shorter. While Dantley always thrived in traffic, he wasn’t any good at playing well with others. For all his offensive production, Dantley could never last in one place very long. He played with seven different teams and always seemed to leave town in a cloud of bad feelings.”