NBA Jerseys to Feature a Gold Tab for Teams That Have Won Titles

by July 16, 2014

Based on images obtained from an adidas retail catalog that leaked online Tuesday afternoon, starting next season, NBA jerseys belonging to franchises that have won at least one championship will be adorned with a small gold tab on the back of the collar. (Sleeves will also be more prominent in 2014-‘15, as will throwback and “Pride” jerseys.) Per ESPN:

The gold championship tab would be the first league-wide championship badge ever used by one of the “Big Four” North American professional sports leagues, and it is similar to the star system used by soccer teams to denote World Cup titles.


But while soccer teams add an additional star for each championship, the NBA plans to use a single tab for all teams that have won a title, so a one-time champion, like the Portland Trail Blazers, will wear the same badge as a team that has won many, like the Boston Celtics.